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Defining in Context

It's important to allow student to learn and practice using the academic term, "defining in context" map, oppose to the "circle map." The official names of the thinking maps help student remember what they're used for. For example, the defining in context map is used for, defining. I typically use this thinking map for giving definitions and/or example, and for brainstorming concepts




Below are several ways you can incorporate a defining in context map into your instruction. Next to each idea, is a free downloadable map your can print and use!


Defining in Context Thinking Map ideas:

  • To define or prediction definitions for a vocabulary word 

  • To define as well as provide models, sentence examples, and synonyms for a vocabulary word

  • To define the characteristics of a character/setting/plot of a story

  • To define and show different ways a number could be represented 

  • To brainstorm examples or predictions from a single concept

  • To define any part of speech: adjectives, verbs, etc.

  • To find synonyms for any given word 

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